Some North Breakwater Light History
--1867: First channel into Ludington (then the City of Pere Marquette) was dug and two wooden piers were constructed
--1870: A 5th order red Fresnel lens was placed on the south pier
--1874: City name was changed from Pere Marquette to Ludington; railroad car ferry service began across Lake Michigan from Ludington to Sheboygan, WI
--1908: Construction begun of current breakwater in arrowhead configuration made of wood cribs filled with large rocks
--1920: Replacement of the timber breakwaters with concrete
--1924 Current lighthouse built and put into service with an electric bulb with a 4th order Fresnel lens 57 feet above the water and a Diaphone type fog signal was installed
--1994: Lighthouse was discovered to be tipped and was stabilized by surrounding it with a concrete filled crib
--1995: Fresnel lens replaced with 300mm acrylic lens visible from 9 miles and powered with a battery charged by solar panels
--2006: Acrylic light was changed to green to help boaters distinguish it from background lights
--2007: Sable Points Lighthouse Keepers Association assumes responsibility for the lighthouse and begins tours

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