Some Little Sable Point Lighthouse History
--1873: To prevent lumber-hauling boats running aground funding was provided by Congress and construction began
--1874: Construction of the tower with a 3rd order Fresnel lens and keeper's quarters completed; light shone for the 1st time
--1892: Large oil storage tank installed for lamp oil
--1894: Boat landing and boathouse constructed
--1900: Lighthouse painted white after sailors reported the tower blended into the shoreline and was difficult to see
--1902: First trail opened to the lighthouse
--1954: Kerosene lamp replaced with automatic electric light and keeper eliminated
--1955: Because of vandalism, Coast Guard demolished everything but the tower
--1977: Tower sandblasted and restored to its natural brick
--1988: Rip-rap stone placed near the tower to prevent erosion
--2005: Sable Points Lighthouse Keepers obtains possession and responsibility for the tower and begins tours

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